– Natural immunity has evolved over countless centuries.

ChiPad – Natural immunity has evolved over countless centuries.


What is the corresponding spot in the feet?

Have you readers heard about what “acupuncture point” is? The concept of the “acupuncture point” is the basisof “Sole Health Care” which is known all over Korea, Japan, China and other Asian countries. This was written by doctor Guan Youmo, author of “Dirty feet were the cause of all diseases” (published by Culture and Creation Publication), from Taiwan.

Acupuncture point is the peripheral nerves that correspond to certain organs and bowels in the body. It is mainly concentrated on the sole and we call it the “acupuncture point.”

For example, whenthe “acupuncture point” of stomach in the sole in the appendix chart gets stimulated, the impetus will be transmitted to cerebrum through the protruding parts of the backbone. And it passes to the stomach fromthe cerebrum and accelerates the activation of stomach.


The close relationship between the acupuncture points in the foot and the Chi Foot Patches

At the acupuncture point in the foot including the sole, there are peripheral nerve bundles that respond to the organs and intestines in the body. The reason why foot acupuncture point therapy is booming all over the world is especially because through the stimulus of the kidneys, urethra and bladder,stress is relieved andblood becomes clean. And it also doesn’t give directpressure to theintestines in the body, thus showingan unbelievable effect on the body. Chi Foot Patches have paid attention to the acupuncture point therapy and devised that by attaching patches to the sole and stimulating the part, the patches would have the effect of acupuncture. Thus, “Chi Foot Patches” were created.

In particular, the sweat gland (where sweat, which has the same composition as urine, comes from) is concentrated in the middle of the sole.Therefore, when you attach Chi Foot Patches to the middle of the sole, the powder absorbs and sucks sweat actively. Actually, the reason why people are fond of the patches is that when the Chi Foot Patches are attached to affected part and also the sole, the amazing effect shows. This amazing effect is finally revealed to the world so the patrons of the Chi Foot Patches haveincreased all over the world.